Enjoy A Day Out In A North Dakota Summer Paradise At Stump Lake Park

A North Dakotan’s summer paradise might not be the same as others. While there are beautiful beaches and tropical islands out there, there’s nothing that can quite beat a summer day at the lake. Whether you spend the whole day fishing, boating, swimming, or just lounging at the water’s edge, here is a North Dakota summer paradise in the form of the perfect recreational lake:

Have you ever been to Stump Lake Park? Their website is loaded with information on camping reservations, a cafe menu, events, and more. Be sure to check in ahead of time before rolling up with the RV.

Where is your favorite ND lake? There are many lake destinations in North Dakota that are great for all summer long – from the massive Lake Sakakawea to smaller yet beautiful spots like Beaver Lake.

Address: 63 Pavilion Rd, Pekin, ND 58361, USA