This Spooky Small Town In North Dakota Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie

In North Dakota’s history, many towns have come and gone. The rush of the railroad to get across the state brought up towns in a matter of days, some of which are still thriving today, others that disappeared just as fast. Many towns are completely lost to history with no remains, even some that are deep under water under Lake Sakakawea, never to be seen again. But there are some ghost towns that have pieces still standing, though void of life.

Entering this specific ghost town is something you can only do if you’re brave enough. The shells of buildings, the emptiness of it all, is like something out of a scary movie, where who knows what is lurking in the shadows…

No one has lived in Sherbrooke for quite a few years, so it sits empty and rotting away as time passes. With the creepy, abandoned houses, buildings, and a cemetery being the only things that remain, and with the distance from any other towns or major roads, the ambience is hard to describe in any way other than eerie. Nothing but silence seems to lurk in the shadows of the empty homes, at least for all we know.

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