Here Are The Most Generous, Giving Counties In North Dakota

As we prepare to gather together and give thanks for this year’s Thanksgiving, it’s important to remember that there are always less fortunate people out there who are probably most thankful for the generosity of others. There are plenty of ways to give, donate, and more – especially this holiday season – and North Dakotans definitely know how. According to data recorded for a year by, North Dakota residents gave nearly $310,000,000 to charitable organizations over the course of one year. Here are the 10 counties where residents gave the most in relation to the amount they earned:

This data only accounts for money donated and reported on income tax forms, but there are so many other ways North Dakotans can help out. Volunteer work, food banks, or donating clothes are just a few of the options for giving this season (and all year). Check out local nonprofit organizations in your area by clicking here.

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