7 Images People From North Dakota Will Most Likely Recognize

After you’ve lived here for a while, there are just some images and well-known places in North Dakota that you would recognize immediately. Whether they are iconic team logos or even some of our common landscape, if you’re from here, you probably know what these are instantly.

Besides more bison/buffalo related things, what other images do you think any North Dakotan would know right away? One of North Dakota’s most famous places is the International Peace Garden, and yet it’s one of the more underrated spots in the country. Click the link to learn more about it – and why you should visit.

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Address: North Dakota, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Well Known Places In North Dakota

March 24, 2020

What are the best attractions in North Dakota?

If you're planning on visiting, here are some of the most popular attractions in North Dakota. The town of Medora is by far one of the most well-known and fun places to visit. It'll take you back in time to the wild west with historic sites, beautiful scenery, and also plenty of things to do. The Medora Musical is a popular part of the town, staging an outdoor musical about the story of the town and the west with the real badlands as a backdrop. On the opposite side of the state, Fargo is a popular city with lots to see and do. Even the visitors center is worth stopping by, with a celebrity walk of fame full of the signatures left by celebrities that have visited the city, along with the real wood chipper movie prop from the cult classic Coen Brothers film, Fargo.

Which hidden gems in North Dakota should I visit?

With so many things to see in North Dakota, there are some that are easily overlooked but definitely worth checking out. Places like the Rainbow Garden in Mayville, a free-to-visit garden split up into colorful sections, each with whimsical and beautiful sculptures from regional artists and beyond, are little-known but fascinating to see. Parks like the stunning Icelandic State Park are incredible year-round, whether you visit for the many nature trails, outdoor recreation, or historic buildings. If you love hidden small towns with charm, try Kenmare, a town nestled between lakes, wildlife refuges, and even has an authentic Danish windmill in the city park.

What are the most unique things to do in North Dakota?

When living in North Dakota, there are plenty of things to do that you won't easily find anywhere else. Walking through the unique landscapes of the western region of the state, among the unusual geological formations and colorful canyons, while being among herds of wild horses or bison is certainly one of them. There are few other places in the world you can do that. While in Medora, you can dine on pitchfork steak fondue - which is about as literal as it sounds. The experience is just one of the many cool things you can do in the town, where you'll eat steak that was actually skewered on the end of a pitchfork and cooked fondue style. Where else can you say you've tried that?