The Historic Totten Trail Inn In North Dakota Is Notoriously Haunted And We Dare You To Spend The Night

North Dakota is a state kind of known around paranormal circles as being particularly active. It’s not difficult to find entire lists of places said to be haunted in this beautiful (but admittedly kind of eerie) state. North Dakota is full of old towns, and in those old towns are old buildings – and those old buildings hold a lot of history. Let’s take a look at a particularly spooky historic haunted inn in North Dakota that you might have heard of but never visited.

There’s simply nothing like spending the night (or longer) at this historic haunted inn in North Dakota. It’s a perfect mixture of interesting history and creepy vibes that you won’t soon forget! Need more haunted North Dakota in your life? We don’t blame you. You might want to check out this awesome North Dakota haunted road trip sometime soon!

Address: Fort Totten, ND, USA