This Roadside Attraction In North Dakota Is The Most Unique Thing You’ve Ever Seen

There is a wide variety of roadside attractions. Giant statues, quirky rest stops, historic sites… the list goes on. North Dakota has plenty of its own, including quite a few that are pretty out there in terms of uniqueness. This particular stop is one like no other, and has so much to see you might as well utilize their campground and stay more than one day!

A trip to the Dale and Martha Hawk Museum is one you certainly won’t forget. You can make a weekend out of it (and you’ll need the time if you want to truly see everything) by staying in their campground. For more information on visiting, click here.

The museum is located at 4839 78th St NE, Wolford, ND, 58385.

This isn’t the only unique roadside attraction in North Dakota. There are others that are borderline bizarre!