This Rustic Tree House Village In North Carolina Is Like No Other You’ve Seen Before

North Carolina’s Inner Banks is an underrated part the state’s coastal region – and one that you’ll likely want to explore sooner rather than later. Whether you love traditional camping, glamping, or roughing it in the wild, you may soon be inclined to pay a visit to the small town of Windsor, located in Bertie County, to experience a night in one of the rustic tree houses below. After a visit to this tree house village in North Carolina, don’t be surprised if you begin to think that camping on the ground is a thing of the past.

When you’re ready for your (affordable) tree house stay at this rustic tree house village in North Carolina, just give the town a call to learn more or to reserve your tree house. The number is (252)724-0994… ask for Billy Learn more about this charming and rustic tree house village from the official website for the Town of Windsor, North Carolina. See more photos of the tree houses on their Facebook page here.

Address: 400 West Elm Street, Windsor, NC, 27983