The Oldest Lake In North Carolina Is A Beautiful Piece Of Living History

North Carolina boasts a series of natural lakes, all somewhat near the coast and each consisting unique characteristics. The second-largest of the natural lakes is found in the Town of Lake Waccamaw, which happens to surround a lake with the same name. Lake Waccamaw (the body of water, not the town) is estimated to be as old as 30,000 years and its beauty is simply breathtaking. But the history surrounding this gorgeous lake involves a bit of mystery and perhaps even an ancient lovers’ quarrel that may have changed the lay of the land for eternity. Read on to learn more.

In what ever way Lake Waccamaw was formed, it is most definitely worthy of a visit if you haven’t already. A great place to explore the oldest lake in North Carolina is at Waccamaw State Park, where you’ll find boardwalks both over and around the edge of the lake as well as primitive camping. Learn more about the state park at this link.

Waccamaw State Park Address: 1866 State Park Drive, Lake Waccamaw, NC, 28450

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