Not Many People Know This Mysterious Temple Is Hiding On A Mountaintop In North Carolina

North Carolina’s mountains hold many secrets from the past and the present. And one of them is a 434-acre Vedic Vastu community found high on a mountaintop near Clyde, North Carolina, a mere 37 miles northwest of Asheville. It’s no wonder, really, that few people have heard of Mount Soma or its mysterious temple. Afterall, it was only founded ten years ago.

Visitors don’t necessarily need to practice Hinduism to enjoy a relaxing visit to explore the many wonderful features of this Vedic community in the mountains. Stop by the Visitor Center to learn more and if you’d like to extend your visit to more than a day, consider checking out the lodging options offered by the community and the Sri Somesvara Temple. Learn more about the temple and community with a visit to the official website, here. Check out the daily visitation hours at this link.

Address: Sri Somesvara Temple, 95 Mount Soma Blvd, Clyde, NC 28721, USA