Take A Meandering Path To A North Carolina Overlook That’s Like The Balcony Of An Old Stone Castle

Anyone who’s ever explored the Blue Ridge Parkway will advise you to stop (as often as you can) to smell the roses. “Smelling the roses” in this case is, of course, a metaphor for stopping to gaze out over the mesmerizing views of our gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. And you should. And while you’re making a point to stop at each and every North Carolina overlook along the parkway, don’t pass up a certain small sign that points to a “parking area.”

You’re sure to make this a favorite North Carolina overlook once you visit. To learn more about the hike, check out the trail over at All Trails.

Address: Chestoa View Parking Area & Viewpoint, 4682 Blue Ridge Pkwy, Linville, NC 28646, USA