You Can Rent An Entire Castle In North Carolina, Smithmore Castle, For Less Than You Might Think

Road trips and mini-vacations are at the very heart of adventures that create memories to last a lifetime. And with the founding of online booking sites like airbnb, vrbo, and others like them, more and more unique places to stay are easier to find than ever. Recently, we wrote about an earthen hobbit house in North Carolina available on airbnb – but today, we’re hitting the other end of the spectrum with a 12,000-square-foot bona fide castle, also listed on

Rates and terms are, of course, always subject the change at a moment’s notice. However, checking the reservations (at the time of this writing) for this castle in North Carolina here, we did a quick faux reservation to see how much it would cost (including all fees) for three nights over the third weekend in March, 2020. The room rates are calculated based upon the number of people (which makes sense!). For two people staying three nights (March 21-24, 2020) the room rate per night was only $235 for the entire castle, for a three-night total of $705. The $300 cleaning fee, service fee, and taxes added another $541, for a total of $1,246. This calculated to an average of $415 per night for two people to rent this entire 12,000-square-foot castle in North Carolina.

Want to spend the night in a castle? It’s surprisingly more affordable than you’d think! Get more information from Smithmore Castle’s airbnb listing and its official website.

Smithmore Castle is five minutes from Spruce Pine, 120 miles northwest of Charlotte, 135 miles west of Winston Salem, and 50 miles northeast of Asheville.

Address: 638 Castle Way, Spruce Pine, NC 28777, USA