The Epic North Carolina Treehouse You’ve Never Heard Of

Treehouses inspire a sense of childlike wonder, of play, of whimsy. Yet, some treehouses also transcend age limits, like this one that became the ultimate ‘bachelor pad’ for one North Carolina resident. Willie “Buddy” Melvin wanted a place that was entirely his own. A treehouse that, while still instilling imagination, could also infuse that extra adult perspective. Over the years, his treehouse creation in Roseboro has grown into 16 rooms and 12,000 square feet.

From a bathroom, to a place to rest your head, to a place to get down and dance, and even his own bar; Buddy has invented it all. Wrapping around one large tree, the house sprawls itself out with wooden rooms and whimsy while also being an ideal place you’d want to grab a beer or explore. Over the years visitors, friends and family have paid a visit to this amazing treehouse. Want a glimpse inside? Watch WRAL Tarheel Traveler Scott Mason pay a visit inside.

Wanting more? Watch this great video below by Center for Documentary Studies

Buddy and the Treehouse from Center for Documentary Studies on Vimeo.

How amazing is that! All it takes is one very large tree and one very determined man to create the treehouse of a lifetime. Would you ever build something like this?

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