The Oldest Mountains In America Are Right Here In North Carolina And They’re Amazing

Unbeknownst to many, the oldest mountains in America (in fact, the North American Continent) can be found right here in North Carolina. Anyone familiar with the Tar Heel State may naturally think the oldest mountains we speak of here are the Appalachian Mountain Range, which includes the famously wonderful Blue Ridge Mountains – but think again. While the Appalachians formed some 480 million years ago, there’s another much older mountain range in play here. And at 500 million years old, it’s believed to contain the oldest mountains in America: the Uwharrie Mountains.

The Birkhead Mountains Wilderness is open and usually accessible year-round.

Did you know the oldest mountains in America are found right here in North Carolina? This mountain range isn’t the only natural wonder in North Carolina with some significant age behind it. We are also home to one of the oldest rivers in the whole world and some of the oldest trees in the world.

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