History Has Forgotten This Bizarre North Carolina Event From More Than 60 Years Ago

Ordinarily, a round clump of trees in the middle of a field might signify an oasis of sorts. And that may be true for the lush roundel seen below and located in a field 12.4 miles north of Goldsboro, North Carolina. But this unsuspecting spot is also the site of where two thermonuclear bombs dropped on North Carolina in a horrific accident that occurred in 1961 – and part of one of those bombs is still there.

It’s true we definitely averted a major incident when those bombs didn’t detonate in 1961. But let’s also not forget that three members of the United States Air Force died as a result of this unfortunate accident. The marker pictured above was erected in their honor 51 years after the accident. It can be seen in the tiny community of Faro, three miles north of the location where the bombs landed.

Did you know or had you forgotten about these two bombs dropped on North Carolina way back in the 1960s?

This isn’t the only aviation-related accident in North Carolina’s history. Keep reading to learn about the 1994 crash of USAir 1016 in Charlotte, and a 1983 small plane crash whose wreckage is still located along a hiking trail in the mountains of North Carolina.


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