The Most Unique Hotel In North Carolina Is One You’ll Definitely Want To Visit

The Tar Heel State is not without its fair share of historic hotels but you’d be hard-pressed to find another quite like the Old Marshall Jail Hotel in Marshall. The old jail was built in 1905 and was actually in use until 2012. And it 2016, it was purchased by locals, painstakingly renovated over a five-year period, and then, in 2021, it opened as the most unique hotel in North Carolina.

The Old Marshall Jail Hotel is the most unique hotel in North Carolina. Did you know this wonderful little hotel had opened recently? Ever stayed here? Let us know in the comments.

While you’re in Marshall visiting the Old Marshall Jail Hotel, be sure to check out this charming old general store and then take a hike through a gorge along a scenic river, too!

Address: Old Marshall Jail Hotel, 33 Baileys Branch Rd, Marshall, NC 28753, USA