Sink Your Teeth Into Authentic Hungarian Pastries At Old Europe Pastries In North Carolina

It would be difficult to image a world without a few sweet indulgences from time to time. (Thankfully, most people don’t have to!) At Old Europe Pastries in downtown Asheville, your taste buds can time travel all the way back to the Old World in Europe to savor flavors from the past including Hungarian pastries as well as sweet delights from France, Germany, Austria, and more with recipes and confections that date back to at least the 1800s.

Old Europe Pastries is open seven days a week late into the night. The hours are Sunday-Thursday from 7 a.m.-11 p.m. and Friday/Saturday from 7 a.m. to midnight. Learn more from the official website here and follow the Facebook page here.


Address: 13 Broadway St, Asheville, NC 28801, USA