The North Carolina Superstition Will Give You Wealth, Luck, And Happiness In 2017

There’s no doubt North Carolinians, and southerners in general, are a superstitious bunch of people. Sometimes it’s to keep tradition alive, sometimes it’s based on a story our grandparents told us as children. Either way, North Carolinians usually avoid the last loaf of bread and would never let someone sweep under our feet!

But if we believe them or not, the heart is that it’s really just for fun and honestly, in the south we do love a good tradition. One tradition that’s also delicious is the quintessential New Year’s day meal. I’ve had this meal for most of my life and whether it works or doesn’t, it’s a delicious combo that guarantees health, wealth, and prosperity in 2017.

Of course, you’re able to change and adjust the recipe as you like – but really, I always loved this meal growing up and even today, make it myself on New Years. What about you? Do you eat the quintessential New Years meal? Has it brought you the promised results?