The North Carolina Superstition Will Give You Wealth, Luck, And Happiness In The New Year

There’s no doubt North Carolinians, and southerners in general, are a superstitious bunch of people. Sometimes it’s to keep North Carolina traditions alive, sometimes it’s based on a story our grandparents told us as children. Either way, North Carolinians usually avoid the last loaf of bread and would never let someone sweep under our feet! But if we believe them or not, the heart is that it’s really just for fun and honestly, in the South we do love a good tradition. One tradition that’s also delicious is the quintessential New Year’s day meal. The North Carolina superstition is said to give you wealth, luck, and happiness in the New Year… and whether you believe that or not, it’s a downright delicious meal regardless!

Of course, you’re able to change and adjust the recipe as you like – but really, we always loved this meal growing up and even today, make it myself on New Years. What about you — did you know about this New Year’s tradition in North Carolina? Do you eat the quintessential New Years meal each year? Has it brought you the promised results? What are your family’s favorite North Carolina traditions? Sound off in the comments below!

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North Carolina Traditions

November 21, 2021

What are some other traditions in North Carolina?

In the South, we have so many traditions that the rest of the country finds a bit, well, odd. We love our traditions; they shape us and they shape our state. The majority of us probably grew up with these traditions, learned them along the way, or even made a few ourselves. Here are 11 North Carolina traditions that outsiders might see as ‘strange’ but we see as completely normal. For instance: Sunday supper. This meal is neither lunch nor dinner. It's a home-cooked meal enjoyed with friends and family, usually after Sunday service. Gather around for that fried goodness... Sunday suppers are that one midday meal we always look forward to!

What are some popular foods in North Carolina?

Food is a huge part of Southern culture, and we have some delicacies here that are amazing! For starters, there's our barbecue. It doesn't matter if you get Eastern or Lexington style, a BBQ sandwich or even plate with hushpuppies and slaw is a dish you MUST try. Then there's shrimp n' grits, which can be found throughout the South, but the ones in North Carolina are especially delicious. And speaking of Carolina cuisine, when in North Carolina, you must try "Carolina style" fare. You can't go wrong with chili, slaw and onions topping your favorite piece of meat (usually hot dogs or burger).

What are some weird things only people from North Carolina do?

From saying “yes, ma’am” and “no sir” to waiting patiently when stuck behind a tractor holding up traffic, to just loving southern fried cooking more than anything else – growing up North Carolinian has more than a few impacts on a person. Some are fleeting, some are mentioned above, and some below are constant habits and traits that North Carolinians possess even if we leave home. How many of these North Carolina habits can you relate to?