The Old Mining Town In North Carolina With A Sinister History That Will Terrify You

Many people aren’t aware of the important role North Carolina played in gold mining history. Yet, in the 1840s, nearly a decade before the famous gold rush of the West began, North Carolina was producing more gold than anywhere in the eastern U.S. And this tiny little community outside of Charlotte was at the heart of that early gold rush.

If they old saying, “you can’t take your money with you when you die,” is true, then that may explain why Gold Hill is so haunted. If you believe in ghosts, then Historic Gold Hill is a place you’ll want to explore. And if by chance, you don’t believe in ghosts, then Historic Gold Hill is full of history pertaining to North Carolina. Either way, this quirky little historic town is a day trip waiting to happen. Here’s a Google Maps link to help you navigate to Gold Hill.


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