These 7 Haunted Cemeteries In North Carolina Are Not For the Faint of Heart

Do two words go together more than ‘haunted’ and ‘cemetery’? I think not. It’s impossible to imagine acres dedicated to the dead resting in peace without some of those dead lingering less than peacefully in the area. North Carolina itself has history that dates back to America’s founding, so of course, our cemeteries and especially historic cemeteries are extra terrifying. If you’re looking for places that are eerily beautiful in the day, but extra spooky at night, these seven are filled with history and haunts.

Wow, I’m officially spooked! I’m not sure I’d dare to venture to one of these cemeteries at night. What about you? Any others you want to add to the list?

If you’re looking for more haunting history in North Carolina, did you know there’s an underwater ghost town deep within the mountains?