Play With Sloth And Kangaroos At Farmony’s Safari Edventure In North Carolina For An Adorable Adventure

(Editor’s note: Since the original publication of this article, Farmony’s Safari Edventure has permanently closed.)

Reconnecting with nature can be accomplished in so many ways in North Carolina. From a trip to the beautiful coast to a hike through the woods or chasing waterfalls, locals and visitors alike can always find a place and a way to relax and unwind. But sometimes we may overlook other obvious ways to become one with nature, like animal encounters. At Farmony’s Safari Edventure In North Carolina, you can interact with charming creatures such as sloths, kangaroos, and even wolves!

Did you know about Farmony’s Safari Edventure In North Carolina? Visiting this animal rescue sanctuary in North Carolina and experiencing an adorable encounter with a rescued sloth, kangaroo, or other animal resident just might change your life – and theirs! Find out more from the official website of Farmony’s Safari Edventure. The cost of admission is $15/adults 13 and over, $12/kids age 4-12, free for children age 3 and under.

Know of another family-friendly attraction in North Carolina that we should feature? Tell us about it here! And for another awesome animal encounter in The Tar Heel State, definitely check out It’s A Zoo Life!

Address: 2202 Walnut Creek Rd, Marshall, NC 28753, USA
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Farmony's Safari Edventure in North Carolina

March 14, 2021

Are there any other animal encounters in North Carolina?

In addition to Farmony’s Safari Edventure in North Carolina, animal lovers will be delighted to learn about these 11 once-in-a-lifetime animal encounters in the Tar Heel State. At Shackleford Wild Horse and Shelling Safari, you’ll get to see the famed wild horses of Corolla. Aloha Safari Zoo is an¬†exotic animal sanctuary is filled with rescues who love attention. From feeding a giraffe to even nursing a newborn big cat, you’re sure to love the animal encounters found at this unique sanctuary. And if flamingos are your spirit animal, Sylvan Heights Bird Park is a¬†little-known park in Scotland Neck that’s home to a lot of exotic birds. You’ll find the largest collection of waterfowl species in the world, and can even pet a flamingo!

What kind of wildlife is found in North Carolina?

With its diverse landscape of mountains, forests, and coasts, North Carolina is home to a variety of different mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. While many are perfectly friendly, there are some dangerous creatures that call North Carolina home, including Copperheads, alligators, black bears, and even venomous spiders.

Are there any zoos in North Carolina?

There are several noteworthy zoos in North Carolina, but It’s A Zoo Life is our favorite. It’s home to more than 85 animals and is licensed by the USDA. It’s ideal for taking a guided tour for families or even large groups. The 90-minute tour allows visitors to go inside the habitat of most of the animals for an up-close experience with a variety of happy, healthy animals. In addition to some cute farm animals, the zoo is also home to some exotic creatures like kangaroos, lemur, zebra, sloth, and more. And unlike many public zoos, like the ever-popular North Carolina Zoo, the only way to visit It’s A Zoo Life is to take a guided tour, making it a less-crowded, intimate experience.

Address: 2202 Walnut Creek Rd, Marshall, NC 28753, USA