Visit Aloha Safari Zoo, An Exotic Animal Sanctuary Right Here In North Carolina

While nature is indeed the best habitat for wild animals of all types, in today’s world that is rarely the case. While some zoos, like the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, do an amazing job at presenting animals in their natural habitat, giving both the animals and visitors the best experience possible, other wild and exotic animals are rarely so lucky. When animals come from various backgrounds including mistreatment, injury, or otherwise unwanted by owners, Aloha Safari Zoo in Cameron helps give them their best possible chance at rehabilitation and a happy life. As a bonus, it’s also open for visitors.

What a neat attraction with a heartfelt mission. Have you visited here before? You’ll find Aloha Safari Zoo at: 159 Mini Lane, Cameron, NC 28326.

For more information visit their website here. Looking for something else to do this spring? How about discovering your own private island?