25 Undeniable Reasons Why Everyone Loves North Carolina

Sure, anyone can say their state is the best. But it’s really only true for one of them – North Carolina. 🙂 Here are just 25 out of many reasons why that’s absolutely true.

25. Southern hospitality at its finest

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Sit down, relax, have a sweet tea, stay for a while! We love our front porches and the slow, laid-back way of life most of the country has abandoned.

24. But we’re still cultured, artistic, and ‘cool’

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North Carolina is home to The North Carolina School of the Arts, The River Run Film Festival, The Mint Museum, Seagrove Pottery Trail…just to name a few. Brimming with artists, filmmakers, and musicians, North Carolina is a breath of fresh air for creative people.

23. Fried chicken and biscuits are a delicacy

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And no one makes them quite like Bojangles.

 22. Barbeque is King

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A true battle of east vs. west. There is the tangy and sweet “red” vinegar-based Lexington Style vs. the lighter vinegar, but still sweet, eastern style that uses “the whole hog.” You just have to pick a side.

21. And Cheerwine is queen


Once you go Cheerwine, you dont go back.

 20. We have beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountains

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Unlike our barbeque, you don’t have to pick a side.

19. History and mystery

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Linguists, to this day, still study the unique dialect of the Outer Banks. The Blue Ridge Mountains are filled with culture and folklore. The superstitions and landmarks add to the intrigue of the Tar Heel state.

18. We never run out of beautiful things to see and fun things to do

7590933238_39b6e4581e_k Flickr / Jeffrey Pott

Carowinds, The White Water Center, Discovery Zone, hiking the Appalachian Trail, skiing, catching some sand and surf at the Outer Banks, The Biltmore Estate…I could go on forever.

17. There is no other college basketball rivalry quite like UNC vs. Duke

2413820598_abacb4bea5_o Flickr / Duke University Archives

Life literally pauses during the ACC Tournament. You wont find more passionate, proud fans anywhere else.

16. Nationally recognized professional sports teams

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A Panthers tailgate is an absolute blast! The buzz has been brought back and everyone in the queen city loves their Charlotte Hornets. The Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup in 2006. North Carolinians love their sports.


461491970_78f1195d9d_b Flickr / The U.S Army

It’s common to see a #3 bumper sticker on cars. We will always remember you, Dale Earnhardt!

14. You can thank us for aviation

3707006401_998cb2ba8e_o Flickr / Euclid vanderKroew

Cough, Ohio, cough

13. North Carolina is labeled ‘The Hollywood of the East Coast’

katniss film Jaunted

North Carolina is a favored destination for filmmakers and TV productions. Popular TV shows like Dawson’s Creek and Sleepy Hollow were shot in Wilmington. Hunger Games fans can visit the “actual” District 12 in Black Mountain.

12. The craft beer scene is hoppin’

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Asheville was named one the best beer cities in the United States by CNN. Charlotte’s NoDa Brewery is home to the award winning Hop Drop n’ Roll. You never run out of options in the Tar heel State.

11. Fall foliage in the Blue Ridge Mountains

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Even the natives become “leaf lookers” when it comes to October on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

10. Speaking of seasons…

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You get all four seasons, in all their glory, in North Carolina.

9. There is a city for each type of person

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Bohemians love Asheville. Professionals flock to Charlotte. Beach bums work and play in Wilmington.

8. We’re well educated

Flickr / Evonne Flickr / Evonne

North Carolina’s public school system is consistently ranked one of the best in the nation. UNC, Duke, and Wake Forest are nationally known for both their undergrad and graduate programs.

7. Our burgers and hot dogs go all the way

Flickr / James Willamore Flickr / James Willamore

Ever had a burger with coleslaw, chili, onions and mustard? It will change your life.

6. Musical bragging rights

Flickr / Mark Menzies Flickr / Mark Menzies

Ben Folds, Tori Amos, James Taylor…NC is known for breeding talented musicians. Any night of the week you can find amazing live music at well-known venues.

5. We’ve been keeping it real from the start

esse quam

Esse Quam Videri is the state motto, which means, “To be, rather than to seem.” North Carolinians are some of the most laid-back, down to earth people you’ll ever meet. It’s in our blood.

4. Reasonable cost of living

Flickr / Teresa Phillips Flickr / Teresa Phillips

You don’t have to pay extra for the view here, it comes included!

3. Late night munchies?

Flickr / Bee Fork Flickr / Bee Fork

Cookout has got you covered with mouthwatering BBQ, hot dogs, and milkshakes served till 3AM.

2. Come visit and you won’t want to leave

Flickr / Gregg Sloan Flickr / Gregg Sloan

Because why would you after attending your first pig pickin’ and eating Krispy Kreme?

1. North Carolinians are filled with pride

Retro America Retro America

We love our home state and it loves us back.

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