Back in June, I wrote about the famous Britts Donuts. This Carolina Beach landmark has not only been deemed the best donut in North Carolina, but possibly America. Today, the article has over 11,000 shares, with many commenters expressing love and loyalty for this glazed, gooey goodness. But, what would the world be without a fun little donut competition? While Krispy Kreme is a beloved North Carolina icon, another donut shop might just rival the famous Britts. That donut shop is, of course, Duck Donuts.

Both donut shops are, indeed, North Carolina landmarks, and both are totally necessary to the amazing cuisine that is found throughout the state. But, everyone has their favorite, and I can’t wait to read your opinion! Do you LOVE Duck Donuts?

If you don’t consider yourself a donut person, don’t worry, there are other amazing desserts to be found in North Carolina. These 10 places have the most mouthwatering pie!

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