Do These New Images Of North Carolina’s Brown Mountain Lights Prove They’re Back?

The Brown Mountain lights have been puzzling travelers, locals and scientist for nearly a decade. These strange orbs of light appear over Brown Mountain after night falls. They’re in different shapes and sizes, different colors. Some rise from the trees while others merely appear in flashes. From the overlook, you can witness them…if you’re lucky. The past summer, the lights barely made an appearance. While some have visited time and time again with no luck, one scientist has dedicated his studies to proving their existence and perhaps figuring out what they are.

Some believe they’re marsh gas, others believe ball lightning and some blame supernatural or paranormal occurrences. Dr. Daniel Caton and colleague Lee Hawkins from the physics and astronomy department of Appalachian state have been working to capture evidence of the lights since 2011. While they’re visible with your own two eyes, rarely are they captured on film or video. Right before Caton almost ended the study, he captured something truly amazing on timelapse. Below, witness for yourself the anomaly of the Brown Mountain lights captured on video.

It’s pretty incredible to witness it with your own two eyes, and even more incredible all of the mysteries that hide within the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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