The Easy New York Tunnel Hike That Leads You To A Stunning Waterfall

If you’ve ever craved some time outdoors but have found yourself lacking a large amount of time to set aside for an activity like this, then don’t worry – we understand! Not all New Yorkers live close to the mountains or have a great deal of time in their day to spend hours exploring our state’s most serene spaces. For those of you who are seeking something short but sweet and have wondered, “what are some waterfalls near me in New York?” it’s time you go check out this one little corner of Monroe County.

We hope we’ve helped provide an answer to the burning question, “what are some waterfall hikes near me in New York?” Share with us if you’ve ever explored Corbett’s Glen — we’d love to hear all about your outdoor adventures! For more waterfall fun, check out our waterfall road trip through New York.

Address: Corbett's Glen Nature Park, 415 Penfield Rd, Rochester, NY 14625, USA
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waterfalls near me in New York

August 12, 2021

Does New York have any natural wonders?

For those enchanted by rushing waterfalls, craggy mountains, and breathtaking rivers, it’s hard to imagine a state more impressive than New York. No matter which region you explore, you’ll likely find yourself near some truly captivating sights. In fact, we’ve actually customized an entire road trip that will lead you to some of New York’s most beautiful natural wonders. Some of the destinations you’ll see along the way include Panama Rocks Scenic Park, the American Falls of Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen State Park, Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, Salmon River Falls, Ausable Chasm in Keeseville, Natural Stone Bridge and Caves of Pottersville, Saratoga Springs Geyser, Montauk Point in Long Island, and Kaaterskill Falls. One thing’s for sure — you’ll want your camera with you as you explore these top natural wonders in New York!

What places in New York should I visit?

Whether you’re planning your first trip to the Empire State or happen to be a resident in search of a staycation, you’ll be delighted to hear that there is no shortage of fun day trips to be had in New York. One of our top recommendations is Alleghany State Park. This massive park is actually divided into two separate areas. The Quaker Area is a great option for those who are interested in geology. It’s here that you’ll find trails dotted with ancient, moss-covered boulders that have to be seen to be believed. These rocks are known as Thunder Rocks, and they’re simply fascinating. If you’re someone who prefers staying indoors, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Rochester’s Record Archive. This landmark is home to over 250,000 vintage records, CDs, audio equipment, and more. The store has also been known to host live music from time to time. Learn more about some of the best day trips you can take in New York.

Address: Corbett's Glen Nature Park, 415 Penfield Rd, Rochester, NY 14625, USA