Don’t Drive On This Haunted Street In New York Or You May Regret It

New York is all too familiar with haunted locations, it was just recently that we spoke of a house that’s so terrifying it was legally declared haunted. But farther north up in Central New York, you can find a one-mile stretch of road that’s so chilling even its name will haunt your dreams. Hiding within the city of Syracuse, taking a drive down Cedarvale Road (AKA 13 Curves) is something you might grow to regret.

To hear more about this road from locals who have grown up hearing this tale, make sure you watch the video below brought to you by Toby Wall on YouTube!

Most of us have our own story when it comes to the city’s 13 Curves, what’s yours? This isn’t the only unusual sight you’ll see when you’re traveling through Syracuse. Take a trip to Tipperary Hill to see a Traffic Light That’s Unlike Any Other In America!

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