The Historic Staircase In New York That Leads You Straight To An Incredible Mountain View

All throughout New York, you can find some pretty well-known staircases that will take you on (or lead you to) some pretty unforgettable adventures. Many of us have stretched our legs out while climbing the 800 stone steps at Watkins Glen State Park, but if you happen to be heading up north there’s another set of stairs that you’ll want to climb. Leading you up to the top of our state’s fifth tallest mountain — find out why the Stairway Ridge Trail on Whiteface Mountain attracts so many visitors.

Have you ever made it to the top of Whiteface Mountain before? If you have, be sure to tell us which adventure you took to reach the top in the comments! For more amazing outdoor excursions, read about how If There Are Only 5 Hikes You Ever Do In New York, Make Them These.

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