Most People Have No Idea There’s A Fairy Trail Hiding In New York And It’s Magical

*** Editor’s Note: This fairy trail has moved ***

Rochester may be one of our largest cities in New York, but all around this urban area, you can find a ton of hidden outdoor adventures that are just a quick drive away. Less than a half-hour south of the city, you can explore one of the most magical trails in all of Monroe County. Prepare to be wowed!

Want to see what the rest of the fairy houses look like? Then watch the wonderful footage captured at Tinker Nature Park by Tommy TwoTimes from YouTube below!

If you’ve ever seen the fairy houses of Tinker Nature Park, be sure to share your favorite pictures with us in the comments! This isn’t the only extraordinary hike that you can take in New York though, read about how you can Go Llama Hiking Through The Forest On This Unforgettable New York Adventure.