This Is The Most Hippie Town In New York And You Need To Visit

New York is full of plenty of quiet and peaceful places that are fantastic to visit, but you’ll find that some of our small towns are a bit more laid back than others. When most New Yorkers hear the phrase “hippie town”, they’re minds instinctively think of destinations like Woodstock or even Bethel. But in the more recent past, sites like Thrillist have named another location in the Empire State as our most hippie town and we can’t help but agree with them! Keep scrolling to see if you agree.

What’s your favorite thing about Ithaca? Share with us in the comments what towns around New York you feel would qualify as being our “most hippie town”! To take a walk on the wild side while you’re in town, check out The Stomach-Dropping Suspended Bridge Walk That You Can Only Find In Ithaca.