Few People Know There’s A Secret Indoor Rainforest Hidden In An Office Building In New York

If you find yourself craving the comfort of the forest while living in or visiting Manhattan, you may think that this desire cannot be satiated without going to one of the city’s largest parks or without leaving the city altogether. You’re wrong. There’s actually a beautiful forest that you can experience just a few blocks away from the United Nations. That’s not the only surprising thing about it, though. Besides being in the middle of New York City, this forest is inside an office building, where it has been happily growing since 1967. Read on to learn more.

This hidden forest in the middle of New York City is a gem! Few people know that it exists but those who have found it love it and visit it often. You’ll love visiting the atrium at the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice.

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Address: Ford Foundation Building, 320 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017, USA