6 Lesser-Known State Parks Around Buffalo That Will Absolutely Amaze You

We’ve already talked about how Buffalo is one of the most scenic cities that you could possibly explore, with stunning parks scattered all over the city. If you happened to have already explored most of Buffalo’s amazing park system, then it’s time you start venturing around to the nearby areas that feature some of our state’s most underrated parks. All within a short drive from us, discover someplace new as you make your way through this exciting list.

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Address: 1 Scott Ave., Youngstown, NY 14174
Address: 390 Mill St., Buffalo, NY 14221
Address: 9691 Lower Lake Rd., Barker, NY 14012
Address: 1111 Fuhrmann Blvd., Buffalo, NY 14203
Address: 5838 Rt. 5, Brocton, NY 14716