The Hiking Trail Hiding In New Mexico That Will Transport You To Another World

The words “hiking trail” usually summon mental pictures of dirt paths leading into the woods. If you’re from New Mexico, the image you conjure might feature extra dust, shorter trees, and more open spaces. Even bearing that in mind, there’s one New Mexico hike that gives a whole new meaning to the term “open space.” Exploring the Alkali Flat Trail inside White Sands National Monument allows you see for miles.

Hiking across dunes is an experience like no other. As a result, it also poses unique risks. Bring plenty of water, slather on that sunscreen and protect yourself with a hat and sunglasses. To avoid the worst of the heat, arrive early or late in the day.

While hiking, make sure you can spot the next plastic post marking the route, before leaving the one you are currently at – the staff at the monument recommend taking a fully charged cell phone with you as well. An active missile site is next to the national monument – avoid touching any unfamiliar metal if you encounter it!

Leashed pets are allowed on the Alkali Flat Trail.

White Sands National Monument is 15 miles from Alamogordo. For a map and more information, visit the national monument’s website.

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