When a place has been around for over 300 years, it’s easy to assume there are some visitors who decided to, well… stick around permanently. That’s what rumors say about La Placita Dining Rooms, a restaurant in Albuquerque that is said to be one of the most haunted restaurants in the state.

La Placita Dining Rooms is housed in the historic Casa de Armijo building in Old Town, which was built 300-plus years ago and used to be the home of a prominent local family. The place was converted to a restaurant in 1931, but many of its unique quirks have remained — and so have some spirits. There are four ghosts who are said to wander around the restaurant, spooking employees and patrons alike.

Come to La Placita Dining Rooms for the ambiance, the food, and the history… just watch out for the ghosts!

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