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When researching a hotel’s amenities, there’s never a checkbox for ghosts. Yet plenty of us are intrigued by the idea of staying in one of the haunted hotels in New Mexico. Whether we relish feeling scared, want a unique experience, or just prefer lodgings with an interesting history, ghosts can be seen as an added bonus. So, if you’d like to sleep in a hotel room that may already be occupied by restless spirits, check out these nine haunted hotels in New Mexico.

Have you stayed in any haunted hotels in New Mexico? Feel free to share any paranormal experiences you had in the comment section.

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Haunted Places In New Mexico


What are the most haunted places in New Mexico?

Drury Plaza Hotel in Santa Fe has had reports of blood appearing on the basement walls and the sounds of crying up on the third floor, enough to send chills down your spine! The Sierra Vista Hospital in Truth or Consequences has had its fair share of paranormal activity with equipment moving on their own and ghostly nun sightings. If you want to visit some scary places in New Mexico yourself, take our Terrifying Northern New Mexico Road Trip or Terrifying Southern New Mexico Road Trip, or do both!

Are there any ghost towns in New Mexico?

There are many ghost towns that are leftover from the mining rush back in the 1800s. The towns of Chloride and Mogollon are former mining towns that are both quite well-preserved. The ghost town of Dawson was once a coal mining town when tragedy struck, not once, but twice. An explosion in 1913 killed 263 men, followed by another explosion ten years later that killed 120 miners. What remains of this town is a cemetery and the ghosts of its tragic past.

Are there any haunted restaurants or bars in New Mexico?

The Double Eagle Restaurant in Las Cruces is haunted by two lovers. According to the story, the original owners of the building had a son who fell in love with their servant. The mother banned their relationship but after she discovered them together one day, she took her sewing shears and stabbed them. The spirits of the lovers haunt the room where the murder took place. And then there’s La Placita Dining Room in Albuquerque which happens to be one of the oldest buildings in the state. Rumor has it that four ghosts haunt the premises and people have seen apparitions, heard strange whispers, and experienced cold spots in certain areas. To learn more, read our previous article about the haunted La Placita Dining Room.

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