When You Visit This One New Mexico Town, You’d Never Guess It Was Once A Ghost Town

As you drive into the New Mexico town of Madrid, you know you’ve arrived someplace special… and a little bit quirky. Buildings are painted in vibrant colors, the mailboxes lined up at the side of the road could double as an art installation, and time seems to slow to a mosey.

Despite the leisurely pace, there is plenty of life here. People spill out of galleries and restaurants, while the fleet of motorcycles parked outside the tavern tells you that there’s a crowd inside.

Nowadays, Madrid has only 204 residents, but this little town on the Turquoise Trail is definitely no longer a ghost town. Unless you’re talking about the spirits of a cowboy and Spanish lady that some claim to have spied along the town’s main drag!

Have you been Madrid? Here’s some info if you’re planning a visit.

New Mexico has many charming small towns and, sadly, a seemingly endless supply of ghost towns. Many of these abandoned places are old mining towns. But it’s worth exploring them for the insights they provide into our state’s past.

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