Here Are The Most Dangerous Places In New Mexico After Dark

Generally, Only In New Mexico strives to focus on the many positive aspects of the Land of Enchantment. However, every state has its dark side; inevitably, some places are safer than others. We’ve presented these crimes in the order they typically appear on tables of crime statistics, with murder in the number one spot because it’s the most serious offense. For this article, we used the numbers and statistics compiled by our friends at RoadSnacks, as well as stats from various other crime statistics sites around the net, like the FBI’s website. Which of the most dangerous places in New Mexico are you surprised to see here? Which ones don’t surprise you at all? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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Most Dangerous Places in New Mexico

August 02, 2022

What are the most dangerous towns in New Mexico?  

The Land of Enchantment is a delightful place to live or visit, but unfortunately, like anywhere else, it’s got its bad apples, too. The violent crime rate is outrageous, and it’s got its fair share of cities and towns you’ll want to avoid at night. Gallup has a crime rate that’s 156.83% higher than the national average – and 66% above the state average. The town of Belen is even worse, with a crime rate that’s 210.05% higher than the national average (and 100.92% higher than the New Mexico average). Deming’s crime rate is 160.72% higher than the national average, and Los Luna’s crime rate is 128.53% above the national average.  

What are some dangerous places to avoid in New Mexico?  

Unfortunately, the list continues. Roswell, though a fun place to visit, is also one of the most dangerous places to avoid in New Mexico at night. Its crime rate is 97.02% higher than the national average; Clovis is not much better. Other dangerous towns in New Mexico you might want to reconsider spending the night in include Taos, Artesia, Las Cruces, and Bernalillo.  

What are some of the dangers of living in New Mexico?  

New Mexico is the single most dangerous state in the country at the time of this writing – and that’s just because of humans doing human things. There are plenty of natural wonders in New Mexico, too, but many of them come with danger. Some of the natural dangers of living in New Mexico include things like tornadoes and large hail – yes, we get those! They tend to stick to the eastern half of the state, but still. Yikes! Heat is also a killer, and so too are wildfires. Lightning is another big one! Insect and snake bites is something to watch out for, too, and you can’t ever hike without water. Dehydration kills, too.