Ancient Human Footprints Were Discovered Among Thousands Of Fossils At White Sands National Park In New Mexico

Are you looking for a national park to visit in New Mexico for ancient history? Well, footprints and fossils are familiar sights across the glistening dunes at White Sands National Park. Human and animal tracks mark hiking trails, the explorations of curious tourists, and treks across the arid environment to food and water sources.

Have you been to White Sands National Park? If so, we’d love to see your photos and hear about your experience there. You can find details about the park, these human footprints, and other interesting fossils on the official park website, as well as on its Facebook page.

These footprints aren’t the only fascinating recent finds in New Mexico. The fossilized remains of a carnivorous dinosaur were found in the Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness, a quicker and stronger version of its velociraptor ancestor. Read more about this unique find in New Mexico’s Badlands.

Address: White Sands National Park, New Mexico, USA
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National park to visit in New Mexico

August 02, 2022

Why should I visit Carlsbad Caverns?

Carlsbad Caverns is located at the southern end of New Mexico, just above the northwest border of Texas. Infamous Roswell, NM is about an hour and 40 minutes north. A National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Carlsbad Caverns is named after the over 100 caves dotted all over the property. It’s also one of the few cavern destinations in the country where you can embark upon a self-guided tour.

I’m looking for a unique attraction near Albuquerque.

Albuquerque is a great city and there are lots to see and do. One of the most fun things to do outside in New Mexico is actually here, and that is a ride along the Sandia Peak Tramway. The longest tramway in the country, it spans 2.7 miles and the views are spectacular! If you’re sensitive to high altitudes, be aware that you’ll be at approximately 10,378 feet of elevation at the top. And because it’s so high up, it could be up to 30 degrees cooler than at the bottom. Nevertheless, a visit here is totally worth it and one not to be missed if you’re in the Land of Enchantment!

Are there any large lakes in New Mexico?

Yes, New Mexico has some wonderful large lakes. The largest lake in the state is the Elephant Butte Lake and Dam, located about an hour and 15 minutes north of Las Cruces. Folks come from all over the state to enjoy fun day trips here, as well as overnight camping. There’s even a beach, which one might not expect to find in a relatively dry landlocked state! Boating, bird watching, and hiking are other popular activities.

Address: White Sands National Park, New Mexico, USA