This Overnight Hike In New Jersey Is One Of The Coolest Things You’ll Do This Summer

I absolutely love sharing our state’s best hiking trails with you! I tend to favor short hikes (it’s a personal preference) but I know there are avid hikers in the Garden State who are looking for a longer journey. There are plenty of trails to consider in New Jersey, though one stands out. It’s not just a long trail, it’s one of our state’s longest.

The Batona Camp is a primitive site (like many are along the trail) that includes potable water and pit toilets. A permit is required, though the site is pet friendly. I’d break the hike up like this: Day 1 – 18 miles of hiking, starting at the trailhead, Day 2 – 12 miles of hiking, with time spent at Batsto Village. Both the trailhead and Batsto Village have parking areas for easy drop off and pickup. For trail maps, visit For a few fantastic short hikes in New Jersey, check out this list: 12 Easy Hikes To Add To Your Outdoor Bucket List In New Jersey.