There’s No House In The World Like This One In New Jersey

New Jersey is a unique state, so it’s no surprise we have some unique structures. One of the most whimsical has to be Luna Parc, the home and studio of artist Ricky Boscarino. The New Jersey native bought his Sussex County home in 1989 and turned it into something truly incredible. Luna Parc has been featured on CNN, Weird New Jersey, Atlas Obscura and HGTV, so you can be sure it’s really something special. Just take a look for yourself…

Not only is this beautiful home a work of art in itself, it is a testament to hard work, creativity and the power of dreams. Ricky Boscarino had a vision, and with dedication and imagination, he made it a reality. For more information about upcoming open houses and art workshops, along with additional photos, visit To learn more about this unique space and its talented creator, enjoy the following video by filmographer Brian Satch – you’ll get to see some really great interior footage, and more of the magnificent grounds!

Is your interest piqued yet? I’m not sure about you, but I’m feeling inspired! Who couldn’t use a little more wonder in their life?