This Creepy Asylum In New Jersey Is Still Standing… And Still Disturbing

There have been several state mental institutions in New Jersey that have closed their doors over the years, each with a chilling backstory. Many of us are well aware of the infamous Greystone Park in Morristown, and Overbrook Insane Asylum in Cedar Grove was used as the set for the screen adaption of Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke. Horrendous things happened at these institutions, among others in New Jersey, but they are no more. Only a few asylums still remain, and one of the most terrifying is still in use.

Though the abandoned portions of the facility are not open to the public, this video by Abandoned New Jersey will take you through the asylum, providing an eerie glimpse into what life was like at the institution before the onset of modern psychiatric treatments.

There is no denying the horrors that happened here as they were not kept secret; Dr. Cotton proudly published papers on his practices and findings. The history of the The New Jersey Lunatic Asylum is truly terrifying and has served as the subject for numerous news stories, books, and even films. Madhouse: A Tragic Tale Of Megalomania And Modern Medicine by Andrew Scull, details the disturbing legacy of Dr. Henry Cotton in depth.

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