These 12 Bed And Breakfasts In New Jersey Are Perfect For A Getaway

New Jersey is home to so many incredible bed and breakfasts, and it wouldn’t be practical to include them all. There are dozens of B&B’s in Cape May alone, and this list would get very long if I mentioned every amazing place in the state. The following are some of my favorites, scattered throughout New Jersey. Though the shore may be most famous for this charming lodging type, we have great bed and breakfasts all over!

All of these are lovely places to stay, but this is by far not an exhaustive list of New Jersey’s incredible bed and breakfast inns. There are nearly 200 registered B&B’s in New Jersey, many spectacular in their own way. Share your favorites in the comments below, and share this post to let us know you’d love to learn more about the charming B&B’s in our state.