The Mt. Tammany Trail In New Jersey Is Ranked Among The Most Beautiful In America

There are so many stunning hiking trails in our country, but some truly stand out above the rest. Angel’s Landing in Utah’s Zion National Park and the Snowmass Wilderness in Aspen, Colorado instantly come to mind for me but, according to USA Today, there’s another great hike inspiring awe upon all that traverse it – and it’s right here in the Garden State. Come see why Mount Tammany is one of the best hiking trails in New Jersey.

And it’s right here in New Jersey. To get to Mount Tammany, head to Old Mine Road in Warren County. For a short walk-through, check out this video by NJ Hiking.

For additional details regarding hiking Mt. Tammany and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, visit To read USA Today’s full list of the most beautiful hikes in America, click here. If you’re looking for a remarkable hike in the southern part of the state, you’ll find a great South Jersey hike when you trek through the Pine Barrens.

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best hiking trails in New Jersey

October 06, 2020

What are the best waterfall hikes in New Jersey?

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is home to a few waterfall hikes in New Jersey that are sure to catch your eye. Buttermilk Falls is stunning in autumn, and Van Campens Glen is a hidden gem off the beaten path. In the summer, visit Norvin Green State Park and find both Otterhole Falls and Chikahoki Falls. Chikahoki Falls even features a swimming hole at the bottom!

What are the most beautiful lakes in New Jersey?

Sunfish Pond is a favorite lake of most New Jersians. You can find it just beyond Mount Tammany, along the Appalachian Trail. While you can’t swim or camp here, it makes for a beautiful picnic spot and a great hiking destination. If you like to swim, dive, or paddle, Round Valley Reservoir might be your favorite lake in the state. This beautiful recreation area is rumored to be haunted… so be careful! Down in the Pines, Atsion Lake is a popular destination for paddlers and nature lovers year ’round.

What are the best beaches in New Jersey?

New Jersey’s beaches are world famous! Cape May is known for being a historic and charming beach town, while Island Beach State Park showcases miles and miles of pristine sand where it’s easy to find space for yourself. The beaches in Atlantic City are free, and all along Long Beach Island you’ll find shops and restaurants just a few short steps from the sand.

Address: Kittatinnies Region, Hardwick Township, NJ 07825, USA