The One Small Town In New Jersey That Transforms Into A Terrifying Halloween Wonderland

Clinton is a charming little town on the Raritan River with a lovely shopping area, scenic views, a historic village, wonderful restaurants and an art museum. It’s a fantastic place to visit but, once a year, it becomes a nightmare. Nowadays, Clinton is regarded as the best Halloween town in New Jersey… and it’s a destination you have to see to believe.

After making it out of the Red Mill Museum alive, you’ll adore embarking on a hayride deep into the woods. While the event can be a bit too spooky for little ones, there are kid-friendly “happy haunts.” Lights are left on and kids can enjoy additional attractions like face painting. You can find more information here.

Have you ever visited this spooky site? We’d love to hear about your experience in the best Halloween town in New Jersey… especially if you’ve spotted a ghost or two!

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Best Halloween Town In New Jersey

August 22, 2019

What are the best Halloween events in New Jersey?

New Jersey is an incredible state known for many things – resorts, casinos, and great food are some of the more popular attractions. But tricks and treats? Believe it or not, there are a number of Halloween events in New Jersey that are downright spectacular. The state boasts an absolutely spectacular pumpkin glow, and it’s also a lovely place to embark on a haunted train ride. If you’re still craving tricks and treats alongside spectacular Halloween adventure, pay a visit to the local paranormal museum. Additionally, you’ll find a number of fall events in New Jersey. Pumpkin picking, cider sipping, and other autumnal attractions can be found throughout many of the state’s lesser known cities. No matter where you end up, you’ll have a stellar time in this state.

What are the best haunted houses in New Jersey?

While some come to New Jersey in search of casinos and booze, others visit to seek out boos. The best place to celebrate Halloween in New Jersey is at an area haunted house, which can be found in abundance as soon as autumn arrives. Brighton Asylum is ranked among the most terrifying Halloween attractions in the nation, but you’ll also find several mundane destinations that are quietly haunted. You can dine alongside spirits at a haunted restaurant, or you can enjoy stellar scenery alongside unseen residents in the state’s most haunted light house. For additional spooks and scares, swing by the scariest Halloween town in New Jersey… you can find the details outlined in the article above!

What is the scariest place in New Jersey to visit around Halloween?

Scares might not be the first thing to come to mind when one thinks of New Jersey, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Fans of all things spooky will find themselves pleasantly surprised when they discover all that the state has to offer. You’ll surely hear a few local ghost stories during your stay, and they just might tempt you to explore a haunted destination or take a drive down a cursed road. A stroll through an infamously haunted forest is especially spooky around Halloween, and so, too, is a trip to an abandoned village. New Jersey is a lovely state… but it also boasts an incredible number of spooks, scares, and fun times. These spooky suggests will surely leave you with high spirits!