There’s A Bacon-Themed Restaurant In New Jersey And It’s Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of

Bacon is a breakfast staple but there’s no need for this mouthwatering meat to be restricted to morning meals. It’s greasy, crunchy, sizzling, and scrumptious, and pairs well with almost anything. One New Jersey restaurant recognizes the potential of this side dish and makes it the star of the show.

Isn’t bacon the best? If you’re a fan, Bacon Beach Grille will be your new favorite place. With a massive menu, there’s something for everyone. Find it at 49 Atlantic Avenue, Long Branch. It’s right across from the beach, open year-round, and friendly service is practically guaranteed. To learn more, check out their Facebook Page. While this restaurant serves up savory bacon by the bus load, you may be more of a “sweet” person, if so, check out this New Jersey donut shop that was ranked among the best in America.