Stay Away From New Jersey’s Most Haunted Street After Dark Or You May Be Sorry

Clinton Road isn’t just the most haunted street in New Jersey; some have called it the most haunted road in America. There are many stories surrounding this spooky street, but perhaps the seclusion is what makes it most eerie. Read the terrifying tales below and discover what you believe.

Anyone can drive down this dark road, but if you’d like to explore the surrounding area on foot, you’ll need a hiking permit. The dense woods offer the ruins of Clinton Ironworks (seen above), several abandoned homes, a reservoir, and small ponds, on top of all the creepy stuff.

Would you brave a drive? What about a hike? For more haunted streets in New Jersey, check out Shades of Death Road and Indian Curse Road.

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Address: Clinton Road, Clinton Rd, West Milford, NJ, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Haunted Street in New Jersey

March 08, 2021

What are some Clinton Road ghost stories in New Jersey?

Clinton Road is so well-known for its unusual paranormal activity that it's had a movie made about it! Among the most commonly whispered legends are that the infamous Jersey Devil itself lurks here, waiting in the dark woods for its next victim. Some people have reported seeing its red eyes glimmering in the forest well after dark, and bizarre noises and screaming have been heard all along the 10-mile stretch of Clinton Road, said to be the "most haunted place in America". We're not sure if it's quite that sensational, but it's pretty creepy, nonetheless.

What are some famous haunted places in New Jersey?

Other than the infamous Clinton Road, there's another pretty creepy stretch of road aptly named "Shades of Death Road". We're not really sure about you, but we're not about to find out why it's called that. New Jersey also has no shortage of haunted houses and estates, and we don't mean the Halloween kind. For example, Ringwood Manor was first built in 1740. A history that long nearly guarantees that there will be a ghost or two somewhere in the mix, right? And, allegedly, there are - tales of the haunted property go back literal centuries in this case. These two places are merely the tip of the "creepy places" iceberg in New Jersey.

Are there a lot of creepy places in New Jersey?

Luckily for those of us who live life a little on the spooky side, New Jersey is full to the brim with creepy, weird, and otherwise macabre places. It was the literal place of the Jersey Devil's birth, after all. As if that's not creepy and weird enough, we've also got so many haunted houses and estates that the chances of you moving into one are a little higher than we would hope for. A state with as lengthy a history as New Jersey is bound to have some scary stories, and scary stories we have, for sure.