The Town Of Nashua, New Hampshire Was The First To Establish An Integrated Baseball Team In America

The picturesque state of New Hampshire is treasured for its idyllic scenery, charming small towns, and diverse New England setting. But there’s far more to our great state than our incredible natural beauty! From the first independent state constitution to the invention of the alarm clock to our unique position in election season, New Hampshire is a state of many American “firsts.” However, few people know that New Hampshire was also a pioneer of racial integration in the 1940s. In fact, it was the (then)-tiny town of Nashua, NH that led America’s greatest past-time into a new generation of desegregation by becoming the home of the country’s first integrated baseball team.

American history often seems to be a distant memory, but home-grown stories like that of the Nashua Dodgers really bring New Hampshire’s past into the present! For more glimpses into NH state history, check out some of our favorite living history museums in New Hampshire.

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