Built In 1866, The Cornish-Windsor Bridge In New Hampshire Is The Longest Wooden Bridge In America

New Hampshirites have a lot to be proud of. From a beautiful — though short — coast to the inland trails and hikes we love to the many local restaurants and shops, there’s something for everyone in the Granite State — including those who love setting records. For those folks, you’ll be pleased to learn that we’re home to the longest wooden bridge in the country.

The Cornish-Windsor Bridge is a beautiful day trip in New Hampshire, sure to make your heart swoon! This gem isn’t just the longest covered bridge in New Hampshire, it’s also the most beautiful. Truly — this attraction is a bucket-list must for all Granite Staters! If you’ve visited this bridge before, please share your experiences in the comments below! We love hearing from you.

But if you’re looking to make an even longer day out of it we have just the thing: this day trip takes you to nine of New Hampshire’s covered bridges and it’s perfect for a scenic drive. Ready to explore? Let’s go!

Address: Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge, Cornish, NH 03745, USA
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longest covered bridge in New Hampshire

December 08, 2021

What are some things New Hampshire is known for?

People come to New Hampshire for a variety of reasons. The ease of living, the natural beauty, and the kind people are just a few of them. For us, it’s the charm of the state that keeps us falling in love with it year after year. Part of the charm is the quintessential sights that exist in every corner of the state including the covered bridges that feel perfectly placed. New Hampshire is known for its charming covered bridges, with over 50 in the Granite State.

What else is there to do in Cornish, New Hampshire?

We love Cornish, New Hampshire, for so many reasons. This little locale is home to an abundance of covered bridges, including the longest covered bridge in New Hampshire! To that end, it’s also one of the most historic places New Hampshire, and it’s full of living history. You’ll see it in the form of the town’s restaurants, beautiful mountains and in the stories we tell to children. Some of the best examples of our state’s history are the many covered bridges that still stand throughout New Hampshire — but that’s not all there is to do here. Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site is one of the coolest and most unique day trips in Cornish. The Saint-Gaudens National Historical Site in Cornish was the home and studio of famous American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Saint-Gaudens crafted hundreds of sculptures that are now seen around the country, and placed through the grounds of his home and studio. It’s a place that’s as beautiful as it is inspiring.

What are some historic places to visit in New Hampshire?

In addition to the myriad historic covered bridges, there are lots of historic places one can visit in New Hampshire. New Hampshire was founded on January 5, 1776, which means the state offers almost 250 years of history. Within that time there have been some good times and bad times. All of it is important to remember. While we might not have been paying full attention in history classes growing up, today we can see a lot of the past reflected in towns across the state. These are just a few of the most historic towns in New Hampshire, all of which make for amazing day trips. And here are some must-visit historical landmarks in the Granite State. Now who’s ready for a historical adventure?

Address: Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge, Cornish, NH 03745, USA