The Longest Rail Trail In New Hampshire Is A World Of Epic Beauty You’ll Want To Experience

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, as they say. And, while we don’t love thinking about skinning cats, we do think the notion applies to hiking. There are so many ways to enjoy the great outdoors here in New Hampshire, that you could try a different trail, mountain, or forest every weekend and still have plenty to do year after year. We’ve given you plenty of outdoor options over the years, but we might just love rail trails the most. They follow the route of tracks from years past and they’re almost always well-cared for and simple routes. This one, the longest in the state, is one of our favorites.

Another reason for starting at the northern trailhead is the parking situation. It’s significantly easier to park in Lebanon, though if you choose to start in Boscawen you should plan on parking at the Jamie Welch Memorial Field in Boscawen Town Park which is about 2 miles north.

To get to the trailhead in Lebanon, take Exit 18 on I-89. From here, you’ll head south on NH 120 for nearly a half mile before turning left on Hanover St. Continue on US 4/S, which is also Park Street. After a quarter of a mile turn left onto E. Park St./Campbell St. Then, make a right onto Parkhurst St. followed by an immediate left onto Spencer St. You’ll find parking in Eldridge Park and the trailhead is just to your right.

A second parking lot can be found east of this point along the trail, located at the address 35 Riverside Drive, Lebanon.

If heading outdoors in the winter isn’t high on your list of things to do, fear not! There’s plenty to do inside, including this water park with a fun basketball court and even an indoor beach!