Nestled amongst the mountains not far from both Reno and Carson City, you’ll find another one of our cities that at times, can look like it was pulled straight out of an Old Western movie. While many will come to visit Virginia City to take a look at one of our most popular ghost towns, another historic attraction that draws in a crowd is the Silver Terrace Cemeteries.

Prepared to find out what has everyone so interested in this place? The stories behind this cemetery will surely give you goosebumps.

Have a little time to kill? Then you’ll want to check out this creepy footage shot by Soul Seekers on YouTube. Feeling anxious? Skip ahead to 7:00 minutes in and you’ll see a light manifestation captured. At roughly 16:40 minutes in you’ll hear a spirit yell out to the Soul Seekers, and quickly after they’ll discover something terrifying…

Many of us Nevadans have visited this cemetery, have you ever experienced anything eerie though? Not ready to go home yet? Continue on the road and take this Haunting Nevada Road Trip Through Our Ghost Towns!

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