The Oldest Place In Nevada Is Hiding In This Little-Known Park And It’s Perfect For A Day Trip

If you’ve ever wondered where Nevada all began, then the little-known park featured here is bound to blow your mind. Located in a town that calls itself the oldest community in all of Nevada, this park marks the exact spot where people first began to settle down here in the Silver State. The park itself is a delightful hidden gem, full of reconstructions, old artifacts, and tons of information the very first “Nevadans”. Visiting it is a must for anybody who loves learning about our state’s fascinating history, so be sure to plan a family day trip to the oldest place in Nevada soon!

Have you had the pleasure of visiting the oldest place in Nevada? It’s amazing to think of all the history that resides in this little park. For more fascinating destinations like this one, check out our list of the 12 Oldest Towns In Nevada.